BioLite Camping Stove

Going on the great outdoors offers people some challenges that they need to face. Getting shelter and food are but just some of those challenges. Some may also need a source of power that they might need for heat, as well as charging their different portable devices that may be sorely needed even when out in the woods. This new BioLite Camping Stove will serve to provide users with a means to cook their food, provide heat as well as a way to generate electric power to charge devices.

The new BioLite Camping Stove offers an ingenious way to provide campers with some of the basic necessities during their experience outdoors. It works as a camping stove that makes use of renewable biomass such as twigs, pinecones and wood pellets for fuel for cooking as well as heat. Not only that, the BioLite Camping Stove also comes with a lithium ion battery module that charges using the heat generated by this unique stove. The power generated can be used to charge up your portable devices such as smartphones, mp3 players and other portable devices. The BioLite Camping Stove is available at Firebox for 150 UK Pounds or around US$ 238.

Image Source: Firebox
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