Razer Launches Own BlackShark Gaming Headset

Razer has announced an addition to its BlackShark stereo gaming headset. The company launches a Razer-branded version of the Battlefield 3 Razer Blackshark, a pair of headphones inspired by tactical aviator headsets they developed for the Battlefield video game franchise and was released at this year’s E3. The black-and-green BlackShark is designed to look and […]

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Apple Wants Samsung Galaxy S III Galaxy Note Banned Also

Still grinning from its huge legal win against Samsung in its hometown court, Apple is now targeting some of the South Korean company’s popular devices that are currently in the market. In a new complaint filed by Apple in a federal court in California, the company added the Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note–including […]

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Bonavita Variable Temperature Kettle

There are people who are quite particular with how warm or hot the water for their beverage may be. It depends highly on how they like their preferred beverage. Most would like to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea as soon as possible without so much as waiting for it to cool down first. […]

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The Curse iOS Game App

There are people who like solving puzzles and there are those who absolutely love and can’t get enough of them. It is a good thing that mobile devices nowadays offer game apps to satisfy this need for more puzzles to solve. One recent addition that puzzle lovers and iOS device owners would want to try […]

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Final Karate Android Game App

Fighting games are something that most males would usually have as part of their game app collection on their mobile device. There’s just no substitute for having that dose of adrenalin having a one-on-one fight when playing a game. The Final Karate Android game app provides more than just a one-on-one battle. The Final Karate […]

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