Thermospatula- A Thermometer and Spatula In One

For those who love baking, a spatula is always a handy all-around utensil to have around. It would even be a better deal to have a spatula that doubles as another device also essential in baking or cooking. For such a device, the Termospatula would certainly be quite a handy 2 in 1 kitchen tool to have.

The Thermospatula comes with its own built-in thermometer to measure temperature when it is very essential. The Thermospatula is specially designed for baking and cooking recipes that require specific temperatures, especially when it comes to chocolate, creating custard, and other sauces. The Thermospatula is designed with a heat resistant silicone and a removable stainless steel thermometer for easier cleaning. The Thermospatula is available at Lakeland for 15 UK Pounds or around US$ 24.

Image Source: Lakeland
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