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Many mobile gamers are increasingly finding casual game apps more and more appealing. The reason may be because such game apps do not depend in players actually having to finish certain levels for a certain period of time before they can achieve anything significant. But with casual games, players can pause the game at anytime and get back to it whenever they feel like playing without having to lose out on their progress. A casual game like Tiny Village for Android actually offers the same thing.

The Tiny Village Android game app is a fun and interesting casual game where players need to build their own village and watch it grow. It is set during the pre-historic times when cavemen and dinosaurs rule. Players need to build a village for its band of cavemen to live in as well as take care of certain dinosaurs and make them grow to use around for certain tasks. The village may also have certain tasks that it requires players to build in order to progress. There are coins to collect as well as crystals that can be used to purchase things for the village. Quests also help players gain coins as well as find ways to unlock new buildings and shops to build on the village.

Tiny Village is also built around a community of other players where everyone can share, buy things and simply just make acquaintances. It comes with fun yet detailed graphics that makes the game even more enjoyable to play. With many options to do something while in the game, Tiny Village will be something that people will enjoy playing for hours and hours. But then again, they need not feel guilty of not being able to progress further in the game whenever they stop and put the game away for a considerable time. Tiny Village Android game app is available for free download at Google Play. It is also important to note that Internet connection is needed in order to play the game.

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