Blast-A-Way iOS Game App

People usually kill time nowadays by playing their favorite game apps on smartphones. There are now quite a number of them that people can choose from that anyone can find interesting and worth playing. For those who like playing puzzles of a unique kind, then Blast-A-Way iOS game app will prove to be the interesting choice.

The Blast-A-Way game app for iOS devices is a unique puzzle game that can make players think of solutions in different ways. It requires not merely just moving around pieces on the screen, but also blasting them away as well, hence the title. This iOS game app is actually a 3D puzzle game that allows players to look and view the puzzle from different angles to solve them.

The object of the game is for the player to collect the lost Boxies on each level of the game. There are obstacles preventing the player from getting to those little Boxies easily. That is why the need for bombs and other tools is essential to get to them. Players need to go through puzzles of wood, metal, stone, fabric and plastic. Tools that players use to throw at different areas in the puzzle include bombs, teleporters, portals, colorizers, rebuilders and more. Players need to think up of different ways to use these tools effectively to get to the little Boxies found in each puzzle. The Blast-A-Way iOS game app is certainly an interesting game to play, worth hour and hours of enjoyment when there is time to kill. It is available at the App Store for a US$ 5 download.

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